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Shuuichi [userpic]
by Shuuichi (darkfox)
at July 31st, 2007 (10:33 pm)

Story Title: The Secret of the Bluemooon Gemstone
Author: darkfox
Chapter: 4 - III.
Summary: Cross Academy. A boarding school where vampires and humans can coexist.
Yuki Kurosu and Zero Kiryu, acting guardians of the school now have a new partner... Kiren.
Who is this mysterious girl? Will she be accepted by Kiryu, Yuki, and the Night Class?

The chapter here is featured as a flashback. In the previous chapter Kuroran was beginning to tell
the story about how he and his brothers met Kiren. So this will be told as a flashback.
The chapter will be entirely in italics. (In this case, it will represent a flashback, but on regular
chapters it represents a thought to the character’s self.)

Please note that I changed Kuroran’s brother’s names. Gwendel has become Sensetsu, and Soubi
has become Sozatsu. This is going to be a four-part chapter, due to length.


When Kiren stopped running, she found that there was a group of people, a ring, around a person. This person was her father. Kiren pushed her way through everyone. When she got through, she gasped in horror.

Her worst fear was a reality. Next to her father, who was shouting some random rubbish about how he single-handedly caught this ‘beast’ was Sensetsu. He was tied with rope, and chain, and looked like he had suffered through a brutal fight. He was also bleeding from the left hip really badly.

“Sensetsu!” Kiren yelled, running over to him. “Sensetsu!”

“Kiren,” Sensetsu said weakly. “What are you doing here…?”

“I’m going to help you. Hold on Sensetsu please!” Kiren said, trying to calm him down.

“Kiren, run. Run now. You’ll be-” Sensetu said, but was cut off from Kiren’s screams.

Kiren was being picked up by the back of her dress and held off of the ground. She struggled to get free.

“What do you think you are doing, you worthless piece.” Tekii said to Kiren. His eyes were overcome with rage.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Kiren said, trying to break loose from his grip.

“I thought I told you to NEVER interfere with my work.” Tekii said, tossing her into a tree.

Kiren hit the tree hard, and her face met with the ground.

“Ouch.” She said, her words being muffled by the dirt.

The people gasped, wondering how on earth a man could do that to a child. But they said nothing to avoid conflict with Tekii. They were all frightened by him.

Kiren pushed herself off of the ground and ran over to Sensetsu again. She shielded him, using her body, from being hit with the stick that Tekii was using to beat the boy.

“Kiren,” Sensetsu said. His eyes grew wide.

“Sensetsu,” Kiren said. “I’m alright. I’ve got to make sure that you are safe.”

Sensetsu was in shock. He was tied up, injured yes, but he was allowing for Kiren to get hurt. He was overthrown with rage at this man.

“Kiren!” Sensetsu yelled, trying to break loose from the rope and chain that he was bound with. With his efforts the rope broke, and the chains were slowly starting to loosen and break as well.

“What is this? Kiren, are you protecting this beast that uses a human form to kill? Are you going to protect this monster?” Tekii said, pulling the stick off of Kiren’s back and up again, getting ready to strike once more.

“He is not a beast,” Kiren said. “He is the one I love and I will not let you kill him.”

Tekii laughed.

“I always knew that you were just a waste of time. I’ve tried to be nice to you, since I have gotten back. Trying to treat you like a father would, but you just pushed me aside. You’re willing to die for this beast, which makes me believe that you have become one of them, yourself. So I guess I have to dispose of the both of you!” Tekii said. He threw down the stick and pulled out his sword.

The people gasped.

“I will now get rid of the burden that has plagued me for the last 7 years, and also rid my town of this creature that turned this girl on me.” Tekii said. He charged for the Kiren and Sensetsu.

It was then that Sadame was finally able to push himself through the crowd and saw what was going on.

“KIREN!” Sadame shouted, knowing that he was unable to do anything for his sister.

Before Tekii could get to Kiren and Sensetsu, his sword was thrown out of his hands.

Tekii grew wide-eyed. He looked to see who had done that and found himself staring at a boy, who was about 4 feet tall roughly. He had mint-colored hair and gold colored eyes. There was also another boy next to him. This boy was about 3 inches taller than the other; he had black hair and green eyes that had a red tint around them.

“Kuroran, Sozatsu…” Sensetsu said as he broke free of his binding and pulled Kiren close to him.

“Man big brother, you really are a loser.” The short one (Kuroran) said, with a smirk on his face.

“I must agree.” The other (Sozatsu) said.

Sensetsu laughed.

“Well I’m sorry that I am a lame big brother to the both of you. But thanks for coming to my rescue anyway.” Sensetsu said, with a smile.