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Shuuichi [userpic]
by Shuuichi (darkfox)
at July 31st, 2007 (10:35 pm)

Story Title: The Secret of the Bluemooon Gemstone
Author: darkfox
Chapter: 4 - IV.
Summary: Cross Academy. A boarding school where vampires and humans can coexist.
Yuki Kurosu and Zero Kiryu, acting guardians of the school now have a new partner... Kiren.
Who is this mysterious girl? Will she be accepted by Kiryu, Yuki, and the Night Class?

The chapter here is featured as a flashback. In the previous chapter Kuroran was beginning to tell
the story about how he and his brothers met Kiren. So this will be told as a flashback.
The chapter will be entirely in italics. (In this case, it will represent a flashback, but on regular
chapters it represents a thought to the character’s self.)

Please note that I changed Kuroran’s brother’s names. Gwendel has become Sensetsu, and Soubi
has become Sozatsu. This is going to be a four-part chapter, due to length.


“Not a problem.” Kuroran said. “Now, who is the one that injured my brother? Show yourself!”

“You’re looking at him, little one.” Tekii said, glaring that the small boy.

Kuroran’s eyes grew wide with fear, and disgust, as he stepped back slightly.

“Bastard!” Sozatsu said, charging at the tall man.

Tekii laughed, and disappeared for a moment. Sozatsu looked around until he was hit from behind which caused his vision to go black and he fell to the ground hard.

“Sozatsu!” Kuroran said. He too was about to charge the man until Sensetsu placed a hand on his shoulder, and walked in front of Kuroran. His eyes were overcome with anger.

“I’ll handle this, Kuroran.” Sensetsu said.

Kuroran, understanding his brother’s current state of mind, nodded and stepped back to hold onto Kiren. Kiren stared at Sensetsu, her eyes full of worry. She reached down near her right leg, her hand grasping onto a small blade. One much like the blade she made for Sensetsu earlier.

“Your focus has been lost. You were here to destroy me. Leave my brother’s and your daughter out of this.” Sensetsu said. This made Tekii laugh again.

“Why on earth would I pass up the opportunity to take out 3 of you, instead of one? I’ll really be considered a hero then. And to be honest… I’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of that piece of shit of a ‘daughter’ for a few years now. This would be the perfect opportunity!” Tekii said.

Kiren cringed, grasping even more tightly onto the blade in her hand.

“You’re a sick man,” Sensetsu said, his fangs showing. “I cannot allow you to bring harm onto those three.”

“It’s your death wish.” Tekii said, running at Sensetsu with his sword.

Sensetsu readied himself, pulling out the blade Kiren had made for him. But, it seemed to be a bit longer now.

“Is that?” Kiren asked.

“My brother,” Kuroran said. “Can alter weapons at will.”

Kiren turned to Kuroran, who was watching the battle carefully.

Kiren turned her attention to the battle as well. Ready to step in if need be.

Tekii was fast, Sensetsu had to give him that, but he wasn’t too fast.

The clanking of swords, the appearing and reappearing of the two fighters, made the town’s people scream and run back to their houses. They were very timid, and easily scared, people.

“Now that no one is here,” Tekii said. “But the five of us… no one will stop me.”

Tekii disappeared and Sensetsu found himself looking around to find the forsaken man.

“BEHIND YOU!” Tekii shouted, as he went to strike down Sensetsu.

Sensetsu went to block his attack, but was a few seconds late and got stabbed in the arm. He cried out, and moved away from Tekii, holding onto his battle wound, as if he was trying to stop the bleeding.

“I won’t let you heal yourself, vampire.” Tekii said, getting ready to charge again. But then his eyes grew wide. Sensetsu turned behind to look and saw Kiren; her eyes had changed colors, instead of their normal light golden-brown color, they now blazed a blood-red shade, and her hair was also a different color now. Her hair now was a raven-black, much different from her bright green locks previously. Her gaze could pierce the heart, and her hands were clenched into fists, a sword in her right hand that seemed to burn with a flame.

“I care not that you are my father,” Kiren said taking a step toward Sensetsu and Tekii. “I care not that you hate me, that you’ve despised me for years now. For I have known that all along. I care not that mother and brother praise your doings of ‘justice’ and that you do not do this work for the good of the people. I care not about any of it!” Kiren’s eyes, now looking straight into Tekii’s..

“But I will NOT allow you to cause harm to Sensetsu or his brothers any longer!” Kiren shouted, pointing her blade at Tekii. Tekii just stood and stared at Kiren.

“Who are you?” Tekii said, stuttering.

Kiren looked at him in question, and caught her reflection in a small pool of water near her feet. She saw what brought about his question, and smirked.

“Kiren,” Sensetsu said, grabbing a hold of Kiren’s clenched hand that possessed the blade. “Please don’t do this.”

Kiren looked at Sensetsu. He was badly injured, and it was her fault. If she hadn’t kept calling him to the forest, he would have forgotten about her and never came. And then he wouldn’t be here in this place, nor would he have become Tekii’s prey.

“Sensetsu,” Kiren said. “I won’t allow for this man to cause anymore harm than he’s already done. I can’t allow it. He… he almost killed you.”

“But,” Sensetsu started to say. “Don’t taint your hands with the blood of a spoiled being such as Tekii. Don’t ruin yourself.”

Tekii just laughed. “Are you afraid, Kiren? Are you afraid to attack me? Is it because you know that I’m your father?” Tekii smirked, until he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder. There was the blade that Kiren was holding in her hand.

“I am not afraid,” Kiren began. “I’m not afraid to cause harm to someone who passes faulty judgment. You are the one that should be damned to misery.”

Sensetsu stepped away from Kiren and walked over to Sozatsu and Kuroran.

“I have despised your faulty judgment for sometime now. You judge saying that it is ‘Gods’ will that you do so, and killed countless beings. You did it all not because it was your duty, but for greed, for money. You are the one that should be condemned, killed, for you are the one that is wrong.” Kiren stated. “I will gladly do so, but not at this moment. I will not kill you, in hopes that by me not doing so you will change. I will also no longer stay in the presence of your putrid scent. I will leave this place.”

Kiren opened the palm of her right hand, and a flame grew. She threw the flame down so that it separated herself, Sensetsu, Sozatsu, and Kuroran from Tekii.

“If you still have not awoken, and changed your ways in years to come, I will find you…” Kiren said. “I will find you and proceed to pick up where I left off here, and take your life. This is the will of a human created evil; this is the will of the darkness… Yami.”

With that, Kiren walked away from the fire that she had started and stood near Sensetsu.

“Are you alright?” Kiren (Yami) asked.

“I’m fine.” Sensetsu said. His brother’s nodded.

Kiren smiled.

“I’m glad, let us leave this place.” Kiren said.

Sensetsu nodded, and Kuroran, Sozatsu, and Kiren left.

Tekii just sat there on the ground, with Kiren’s blade in his right shoulder.

“So… she’s the one is she?” Tekii said to himself. “She’s the last Shugojin, the last vampire guardian.” He gave a slight laugh, and stood up, pulling the blade out of shoulder.

“This should prove to be quite interesting.” Tekii said, walking away from the fire.


This is the conclusion of the flashback. I’m sorry that it took awhile for it to be finished. Now you know some of the history of Kiren and her past. You also got to get to know, sort of, Kuroran’s brother’s.

Now I can start getting to the battles, romance, and possibly get the headmaster to talk about how he knows Kiren and introduce the Blue Moon Gemstone.

Please be patient with me and this story here. It’s really one of the first ongoing stories that I’ve written and not deleted:D