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Shuuichi [userpic]
by Shuuichi (darkfox)
at July 31st, 2007 (10:37 pm)

Story Title: The Secret of the Bluemooon Gemstone
Author: darkfox
Chapter: 5
Summary: Cross Academy. A boarding school where vampires and humans can coexist.
Yuki Kurosu and Zero Kiryu, acting guardians of the school now have a new partner... Kiren.
Who is this mysterious girl? Will she be accepted by Kiryu, Yuki, and the Night Class?

“So that’s the story,” Kuroran said. He leaned back in his seat, putting his arms behind his head and shut his eyes. It’s been awhile since that incident. He thought to himself.

“So Kagikaimetsu was in love with your older brother,” Ruka asked. “Is he alive now?”

Kuroran opened his right eye, keeping the other shut. “Yes, he is.”

“I see,” Ruka said, getting up from her seat atop of the desk. “Thank you for telling me that story, Kuroran.”

Kuroran smiled, and shut his eyes again.


“It’s almost time,” Kiren said to herself as she waited in front of the school building. She, along with Yuki, and Zero, had been standing there for about 30 minutes. The Night Class was shortly going to be let out for the day.

Yuki glanced over to Kiren. “How long have you known Yakatsuki?”

Yuki knew that she might be stepping on some grounds that she shouldn’t, but she didn’t know what else to say. Zero just pretended to ignore this ‘soon to be conversation’.

“I’ve known Kuroran since I was about 7 years old,” Kiren told her. “I met him through his brother…”

“Oh,” Yuki said. “How did you meet his brother, then?”

Kiren laughed. “I met him in the woods.”

Yuki looked at Kiren in bewilderment. The woods? She thought to herself? How…?

“I used to play in the woods, near my house, as a child.” Kiren began. “It was how I used to get out of doing any of the work around the house most of the time.”

Yuki laughed.

Zero rolled his eyes. Girls talk about some of the most random things. He thought to himself.

“They should be out any minute,” Yuki said, looking at the doors of the large building in front of her. And no later than when she said that, the doors slowly started to open, and the Night Class began to vacate the massive structure.

Kuroran was one of the first out, and he ran over to hug Kiren.

“Kiren!” Kuroran shouted in a child-like manner. This made Kiren laugh.

“How was your first day of classes?” Kiren asked the boy. With that, Kuroran began to talk about how it was pretty easy going, and that she didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

“I’m glad to hear that everything went alright,” Kiren told him. “Now, you should be getting back to the Moon Dorm with everyone else. It will be light out soon.”

“Can you walk back with me?” Kuroran asked. “Will they mind?” He was pointing to Yuki and Zero. Kiren looked at them, and tried to think of an answer to give Kuroran.

“Go ahead.” Zero shouted.

“We can handle this much,” Yuki said. “We’re almost done here anyway!”

Kiren blinked, still feeling a bit unsure; until Yuki smiled and shooed her off.

“Alright,” Kiren said, placing a hand on Kuroran’s shoulder and began to walk back with him to the Moon Dorm.


Kuroran and Kiren continued to walk toward the dorm.

They didn’t speak the entire way after Yuki and Zero were out of range.

“I remember,” Kuroran said. “That incident 9 years ago.”

Kiren looked over to Kuroran, who smiled uneasily.

“I sort of had a story-telling moment in class today.” Kuroran admitted.

“I see,” Kiren said. “We’re here.”

Kuroran and Kiren stood in front of the Moon Dorm, they stopped, letting everyone else pass and enter the building.

“He will be come,” Kuroran said. “You know he will.”

Kiren took a couple steps back away from Kuroran, as if she was going to head back to the other dormitory.

“I know,” Kiren said lowly. “I know he will be…”

With that she started walking back.

“Have a good rest, Master Yakatsuki.” Kiren said, disappearing into the darkness of the pathway.

Kuroran waited until he could no longer see Kiren, and laughed slightly.


Kiren had a blank look on her face the entire way back.

She was lost in thought.

Yes, she knew what Kuroran was saying.

She knew very well, but… she wished that it was a lie.

“I know he’ll come very soon,” she whispered. “But what am I to do when that time is here?”

She tried to answer that question over and over again in her mind, but couldn’t find the answer.

When she arrived in the Sun Dorm, she quickly went to the room that had been prepared for her yesterday.

She opened the door and stepped in.

“It’s dark in here,” Kiren said as she shut the door slowly behind her.

She walked slowly to the bed and lied there, looking at the ceiling.

Her eyes sparkled, as her memories of the past flickered through her mind.

Kiren shut her eyes, letting the sleep take over.

“Sensetsu…” were the last words she uttered before she was fast asleep.