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Shuuichi [userpic]
by Shuuichi (darkfox)
at July 31st, 2007 (10:38 pm)

Story Title: The Secret of the Bluemooon Gemstone
Author: darkfox
Chapter: 6
Summary: Cross Academy. A boarding school where vampires and humans can coexist.
Yuki Kurosu and Zero Kiryu, acting guardians of the school now have a new partner... Kiren.
Who is this mysterious girl? Will she be accepted by Kiryu, Yuki, and the Night Class?

Kiren pulled the covers over her head once the sunlight started to shine through the curtains. She had to admit, that she was never a morning person to begin with; she hated getting up when the sun had risen, she hated having to get up if she hadn’t gotten enough sleep the previous evening.

“I was in the middle of a good dream too,” Kiren huffed as she sat up. Her hair was a bit mangled, and she could barely keep her eyes open.

Kiren walked over to a dresser located on the opposite end of the room, and started to pull out what she needed for today while she attempted to brush her hair.

It only took her 15 minutes to get ready and she headed down toward the school building, books in hand.


“Good morning Kiren!” Yuki shouted once she saw Kiren coming into her line of vision. Kiren waved at the girl and smiled.

“Good morning to you too, Miss Kurosu.” Kiren said. She turned to her right to see Zero.

“Good morning Zero-san,” Kiren said, smiling.

“Morning.” Zero replied in a ‘whatever’ sort of manner.

I get the feeling that Zero-san doesn’t like me too much. Kiren thought to herself. But she disregarded the thought and started to walk into the school building.

“Wait up Kiren!” Yuki said, following Kiren’s lead into the school building.

“Girls,” Zero muttered as he too walked into the building.


Kuroran sat up in his bed with a dazed look on his face. He couldn’t seem to fall asleep. He’d been thinking about his and Kiren’s short conversation after classes yesterday.

What is she going to do once he shows up? Kuroran thought to himself.

Kuroran’s train of thought was interrupted when he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Kuroran shouted. The door slowly opened to reveal Ichijou Takuma, the vice president of the Moon Dorm and Night Class.

“I wanted to make sure that you were properly settled here… is everything alright?” Ichijou asked. He walked into the room and shut the door behind him. He took a seat at the table that was near the bed.

“Everything is fine, Ichijou-san,” Kuroran said. “Thank you for asking.”

Ichijou smiled, “It’s not a problem. It’s my duty as vice president to make sure that everyone is settled nicely.” He then started to walk toward the door.

“Vice President!” Kuroran yelled, causing Ichijou to stop in front of the door.

“Yes, Yakatsuki?” Ichijou asked with a smile on his face.

“Is it possible…” Kuroran began to say.

“Is it possible… what?” Ichijou questioned.

“Is it possible to meet with one of the Day Class students right now?” Kuroran said. Ichijou looked at him in question.

“Well all of the Day Class students are currently in class at the time,” Ichijou told him. “Who is it that you’d like to request a meeting with?”

“My sister,” Kuroran said, looking down at the floor.

Ichijou laughed.

“Is it really that uncomfortable here by yourself, Yakatsuki?” Ichijou asked, walking over to the side of the bed. He ruffled Kuroran’s hair, smiling.

“No, it’s not that.” Kuroran said. “It’s just… I never get to talk to her anymore, and I needed to discuss something of a private affair with her, is all.”

“Oh I see,” Ichijou asked. “So you took the liberty of trying to properly set it up through me, am I correct?”

“Yes,” Kuroran admitted.

“Well,” Ichijou said. “You are a lot better than most of the students here in the Moon Dorm. Most of them would have just taken the liberty of walking out and finding the person that they wanted to talk to without taking the proper measures. I’ll see what I can do.”

With that, Ichijou left, and Kuroran laid back down.



Kiren yawned as she took a seat on the grass.

She had just finished her riding lessons and felt like being lazy.

“I’m tired,” Kiren said to herself. “Maybe I’ll take a little nap.”

Just when she was about to shut her eyes to doze off she was quickly awakened-

“Are you that tired after your first night of duties?”

Kiren knew who it was, and chucked.

“It very well could be,” Kiren said. “Zero-san…”

Zero gave a huff and sat down beside Kiren.

“How do you know the Headmaster anyway,” Zero began. “If I may ask?”

“I met him during the period that I would absently wander around town,” Kiren said. “As crazy or vague as that may seem.”

“So does your family live here, near the school?” Zero asked.

“No…” Kiren said, looking down at the grass. “No, I’m afraid that they don’t.”

Zero raised an eyebrow, “Then how did you wind up here?”

“I ran away,” Kiren said. “I guess you can say that I ran away from home.”

“You and Yakatsuki both?” Zero asked her.

“Yeah…” Kiren said. “We both did. Since I was the oldest, I worked so we could buy food to eat. It was pretty tough, since not a lot of people would higher a child to work for them.”

Zero looked at Kiren, as if he were analyzing her.

“Was the Headmaster one of your customers or some-“ Zero started to ask the girl but suddenly stopped mid-sentence. Kiren was already passed out.

“Girls,” Zero muttered and got up to walk off.


It wasn’t much longer than a few short hours, or so it seemed, that the time of Twilight arrived and Yuki, Zero, and Kiren were waiting at the gates of the Moon Dorm.

“I’m still a bit tired,” Kiren uttered to herself. I don’t know if I will be of much help tonight.

Just as Kiren finished her thought, the gates started to open, and the Day Class girls started their cries of excitement and anticipation.

“Here we go,” Zero said while walking toward the opening gates to prevent the girls from bombarding the Night Class students.

Kiren and Yuki proceeded to follow Zero, each one taking separate sides of the pathway.

“Please, all Day Class students must return to the dormitory at once!” Kiren shouted. She was in the middle of pushing back a group of girls when she felt a tap on her left shoulder. Kiren turned to see whom it was, and found that it was Ichijou.

“Ichijou-san,” Kiren said. “What is it, sir?”

“Yakatsuki requests an audience with you,” Ichijou said smiling brightly. “Please follow me.”

“But, I’m in the middle of-” Kiren started to say before Ichijou grabbed hold of her right wrist and dragged her along toward the school building with the other Night Class students.

“I’m borrowing Miss Kagikaimetsu for a while, Disciplinary Committee!” Ichijou shouted so Yuki and Zero could hear him. With that, Ichijou and Kiren ran to catch up with the other Night Class students.

As Yuki and Zero closed up the gates, they both looked to the school building.

“Everyone has been wanting to talk to Kiren since she’s gotten here,” Yuki said.

Zero clicked his tongue, “I’m going to patrol inside the building Yuki.”

“Alright,” Yuki said, watching Zero disappear into the school building. “Guess that means that I get outside again, right?”