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Shuuichi [userpic]
by Shuuichi (darkfox)
at August 2nd, 2007 (06:26 pm)

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Story Title: The Secret of the Bluemooon Gemstone
Author: darkfox
Chapter: 8
Summary: Cross Academy. A boarding school where vampires and humans can coexist.
Yuki Kurosu and Zero Kiryu, acting guardians of the school now have a new partner... Kiren.
Who is this mysterious girl? Will she be accepted by Kiryu, Yuki, and the Night Class?

“Class is dismissed!” shouted the teacher. There were cheers of joy from the Day Class until the teacher spoke up again. “Remember that your semester exams are coming up in a few weeks. Study!” With that the teacher picked up his things and left the room. Once he was out of sight, the students started to pack up their things too.

“Kiren-san!” shouted Yuki. Kiren turned and smiled at Yuki. “Kiren-san, are you worried about the exams? I know that I am! I don’t do so well when it comes to tests…”

“I’m not too worried about it Kurosu-san,” said Kiren. “All tests really require is memorization of the notes and lessons that you’ve already sat through. It’s not too difficult. If you need help, I’ll be more than happy to help you prepare. Just let me know.” Yuki blushed and nodded. Then grabbed her bag and headed out of the classroom door.

I still haven’t been able to find out anything from Kiren or Father. Yuki thought to herself. They act like they have no idea what I’m talking about but… I know that they do! I heard them talking about it just the other night!

She ran toward the dorms until she spotted her father talking to someone. The visitor had long blue hair that was braided to one side. His eyes were a deep crimson red color, with hints of brown and black. He wore glasses that were placed ever so carefully on his face and he bore an expression that gave off the impression that he wasn’t too friendly.
“I wonder who he is,” Yuki asked out loud to herself. “I’ve never seen him before. Is he a new student?” Yuki continued to observe from a distance until the stranger glanced over in her direction. She then tried to hid herself from vision but…

“Yuki? Is that you? Please come out. I’d like you to meet someone.” The Headmaster said. Yuki then came into sight and walked over to where her father and the stranger stood.

She glanced at her father, then the stranger; he didn’t seem to be too happy to be spied on, and then Yuki casted her glance to the ground.

“Yuki, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Ayamaru.” Said the Headmaster. Yuki then looked at the strange man again and bowed.

“This is your daughter, Kurosu?” Ayamaru (Aoi) asked. The Headmaster nodded in reply.

“My name is Yuki Kurosu, pleased to meet your acquaintance Mr. Ayamaru-san.” Yuki said.

“Ayamaru is an old friend of mine,” the Headmaster began. “He also trained Kiren in the Martial Arts.”

“With much difficulty I might add,” said Ayamaru with a huff. By the tone of his voice, Yuki could tell that he wasn’t exactly happy about what he remembered. She took a deep breath before asking-

“How long have you known Kiren, Ayamaru-san?”

Aoi looked back over to Yuki. His red eyes seemed to be glowing with a hint of anger.
“I’ve known the little brat since she was 7 years old,” he said. “If the Lord hadn’t brought her by I wouldn’t have even gave her a second look; let alone take her in for training.”

“The Lord?” Yuki asked.

“Kuroran’s father, Kaji Yakatsuki.” Headmaster Kurosu spoke out. Yuki looked at her father in question. How do you know so much? Yuki thought in her mind. Aoi gave a huff.

“Where is Kiren,” asked Aoi (Ayamaru). “Classes are over for the Day Class students are they not?” The Headmaster nodded his head to answer Aoi’s question. Just as soon as the Headmaster was going to open his mouth to say something more Kiren walked into view with Zero.

“Miss Kurosu,” shouted Kiren while running up to Yuki. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you. Where have you-” Kiren stopped her sentence short when she noticed who was standing behind Yuki.

“Master…” Kiren spoke lowly while she bowed in acknowledgement of Aoi’s presence.

“Well,” said Aoi. “I see that you haven’t changed much since the last time I saw you.
Still as pathetic as ever, nothing new.” Kiren winced at his comment but showed no sign of being upset by his words.

“Yes, nothing much has changed Master.” Kiren said to Aoi.

“Well since everyone is here,” the Headmaster said to try to break the mood. “Might we go to my office to sit and chat? I wouldn’t want to cause any sort of scene in front of the other students.”

“But Headmaster,” Kiren said. “What about our duties?”

“You still have some time before you have to worry about that, come now.” Headmaster Kurosu said while walking in the direction of his office. Zero, Yuki, Kiren, and Aoi followed suit.


The Headmaster’s office was completely quiet despite the fact that there were five people sitting within it’s confounds. Aoi quietly sipped at his tea that was placed before him. Kiren kept her glace at the floor, while Yuki and Zero stared at each other, Aoi, and the Headmaster.

“Might I ask Master,” said Kiren. “What your reason for coming here is?”

“I came here to find out how Lord Yakatsuki’s son was doing,” Aoi said sternly. “And also to inform you that you will be coming back with me… for about a week, to discuss the current situation.” Kiren grew wide-eyed, but nodded in compliance.

Yuki looked at Aoi and Kiren, then at her father, and quickly stood up.

“Alright, I really want to know what’s going on here now!” shouted Yuki.

“Yuki what are you talking about-” the Headmaster began to say but was immediately cut off by Yuki.

“I heard you talking to Kiren last night, near the rose bushes,” Yuki said. “You said something about knowing her from before and that you saved her life awhile back. I want to know what is going on, if you knew Kiren from before, why did you never introduce us? And I’ve over-heard Kiren and Kuroran talking about an upcoming ‘situation’ too. What’s going on here? Who IS or what is Kiren? Please… what is going on here?”

The room was once again silent. The Headmaster looked uneasy, Aoi looked even more annoyed than he had before, Zero looked as if he didn’t care what was going on, and Kiren looked away from the frustrated Yuki.

“Yuki,” the Headmaster began to say. “If you insist… It is true that I knew Kiren from before I introduced you and Kiryuu-kun to her. It is also true that I saved her life. And Kiren is… well-”

“I’m a guardian,” Kiren spoke up. “I’m the last guardian of my family, the last Shugojin…”

“Shugojin?” questioned Yuki.

“Vampire Guardian,” Aoi said. “Kiren Kagikaimetsu is the last living Vampire Guardian of her family.”

Yuki looked bewildered. Vampire Guardian? Was this… was this true? She didn’t know what to believe. Aoi looked at the flustered Yuki and let out a sigh.

“Please sit down,” Aoi said. “I’m afraid that if I start telling this tale that it will take awhile.”

Yuki promptly sat back down next to Zero and listened attentively. Aoi took another sip of his tea before beginning the story.


Author’s Comments: I’m afraid that this is getting more and more difficult to write a decent chapter to this story. I know where I want to take this, but it’s a bit harder to actually write. I can see clearly in my mind how I want each chapter to look like, but typing it all out isn’t as easy.

The next chapter will be another flashback. We’ll get into how Kiren met Aoi and the Headmaster.

And another one of Kiren’s secrets will be revealed to you readers.
I’m thinking about writing a spoof chapter for the story. The ideas I have are:

- Kiren and Headmaster Kurosu’s golf outing
- Ichijou and Kiren’s conversation on manga

And if anyone else has any other ideas, feel free to comment here on entry or to my email kioku.no.umi@gmail.com It would be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate all of the reviews and views of this story. Please continue to read and review.